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Certified Transmissions 

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Proper maintenance of your automobile can ensure that your vehicle will last longer. Here are some tips for taking care of your transmission to ensure a longer life span.

Inspect For Leaks
Check underneath your car for leaks. Because the transmission fluid is a reddish color, it should be easy to spot if there is a leak. If you notice leaks, have your vehicle inspected soon and make sure your fluid level never goes below the recommended level to prevent serious transmission damage.

Inspect the Level and Condition of Fluid
Make sure that your car is in neutral before checking the level and fluid. Pull the dipstick out and check the fluid to make sure that it is a transparent red and does not have a foul odor. If the fluid is cloudy, muddy brown, black, and/or has a burnt smell, you need to call the experts at Certified Transmissions as soon as possible.

Check For Any Unusual Noises
If you hear any unusual noises, feel vibrations, have trouble shifting between gears, or notice unusual behavior, have your vehicle checked out right away.

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